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Hitler and Trump
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, February 14 2017, 14:24:39 (UTC)
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We're told that it's never appropriate to reference Hitler in any way except as a monster so beyond the pale that he might as well have been an alien from some other universe.

But, if you leave out the Holocaust and Final Solution for just a moment and look at the rest of the man and his ideas and see a also see many two-bit politicians and carnival barkers and con men...

Hitler and Trump both wanted to make their countries "Great Again"...while Hitler had an actual case to make about Germany's sorry state, Trump goes one better as a con man because Obama left him a country and economy better off than most other developed nations...but you wouldn't get that from Trump...still, it's the same rhetoric.

Hitler had his Jews and Trump has his Muslims, and Latins and Media...all are "threats" to our way of life and all must be dealt with, constitutions and common decency and humanity be damned because we are UNDER THREAT...both of them knew how to use fear...

Same can be said for Mussolini and many others...but these guys only thrive where there is democracy, naturally. They have to be voted into power to last at all.

Hitler was a clown, a dangerous one, but a clown all the same...Trump is also a clown, maybe not as dangerous, unless he trips and falls into a nuclear war, wearing his red rubber nose and orange fright hair.

Some people like clowns, some prefer them for their entertainment we have one as president....and we deserve it, brother do we ever.


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