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=> Ho Hum...another beheading.

Ho Hum...another beheading.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 14 2014, 6:35:50 (UTC)
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...what is it with all this angst and outrage and bother about beheadings? It's a war zone after all.....and why should reporters, especially in this day when they are embedded with attacking American troops, think they deserve a pass, or special treatment? What's it to a Muslim there that a reporter wants to get NEWS for the people back home, the same people paying for and sending the armies that are killing them....and when we starve to death over 700,000 Iraqi babies, who are WE to condemn ANY murderers? fucked up do you have to be to go where Americans have killed countless innocent people and expect anything BUT to get your head cut off? So you're a journalist, or an aid worker, so what? You want to "aid" the people, go back to America and get your country to stop killing them...don't come over with candy bars and, worst of all, MEDICINE! You deserve to have your stupid head lifted off....after all, what crimes did all those Iraqi children commit...and what about all those wedding parties bombed to oblivion and all the collateral murders? We're supposed to forget all that and only get upset at three beheadings? Any American there represents AMERICA and is fair game....just like Iraqi children were fair game.'s called equality....if we deserve life free from beheadings then so too do they deserve freedom from American weapons.

...and, where is Blackwater these days? And how come these terrible ISIS fighters cover their heads? Who are they hiding from? All I've seen is a few dozen men in pajamas driving pickup trucks...and yet these are the THOUSANDS more terrible than AL QAEDA!

...and where do these talking heads on teevee come from...and who draws their maps for them...what think tank spit them out?

And who and which think tank, coined the term, "even Al Qaeda is scared of these guys"? Whassamatter...did we get too blase about "terrorist" and "Al Qaeda" ISIS had to be pulled from some think tank's arse to get us all eager to spend 500 million in THREE WEEKS?

Who's next...after ISIS?


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