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How Not To Embarrass Kurds
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 17 2007, 0:00:45 (CET)
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Really, can anything be more absurd or comical than Wellfed’s breathless and “aggrieved” report of the “ridicule” Michael Youash’s “adroit” questions, questions too “hot” be answered “honestly” by a “squirming” Kurd official, raising “gasps” from the not-to-be-fooled audience at a recent meeting in Washington D.C? An official who was “embarrassed” before an audience of Americans both at the meeting as well as in Tee Vee land and, hopefully, the world over?

What in heaven’s name do the Kurds have to be ashamed about in their treatment of Assyrians, in particular, or anything in general for that matter? What sins against democracy and Law and free speech and national, international as well as human rights are the Kurds guilty of, which have not been committed a thousand times worse by those very people in that very city, hosting the meeting, which is the center of American power, where Michael Youash managed only to make a fool of himself… the capital and very center of the policies of a nation professing great enough ideals, with 300 years of solitude and security and peace-at-home to refine those ideals… which has trounced and trampled not only the rights of its own people, but Iraqis as well as countless others too…not to mention the torture it has tried to make a policy of, the many Abu Ghraibs, including the mother of them all still in use at Guantanamo, which the American CIA, also stationed in Washington D.C from where Michael Youash asked those “tough” questions which “wilted” the Kurds, have secretly and illegally set up, in Europe and elsewhere, to torture anyone they feel like, including American and European citizens who’ve been stripped of all legal and constitutional guarantees.

…the only western nation refusing to join the International Criminal Court, for obvious reasons having to do with the fact that their current leadership would be charged as guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes too, the only nation to have cancelled its obligations under the Geneva Conventions against torture specifically, a nation which contrived well known lies to attack people who’d never done a thing to deserve it, except have oil… plus a hundred thousand instances of violent oppression, injustice and violence against innocent poor people the world over, which the Kurds could never dream of matching, if they even want to…and THEY are supposed to be the embarrassed ones…before the Americans??? Before the world? Before the Assyrians sitting in that meeting and in America and in Christian nations who cheered this war against Iraq and saw “golden opportunities” in it for themselves?

Wullah…one is almost speechless. Thank god though for humor and the abundance of that article our nationalists unwittingly bring with them everywhere they embarrass us. Thanks especially to Wellfed and Zindalite for their continuing efforts to make Assyria a riot.


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