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How Religion Does it
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 22:38:16 (CET)
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The human mind loves reason…it thrives on understanding and seeks knowledge against all odds and in the face of all obstacles. Explain how things work to your child and you’ll have an avid listener, frighten them for wanting to know and you’ll see a cloud descend over their bright eyes; at that moment they’re ripe for religion. Sooner of later every religion ever invented or brought down from on high will crash and burn against the human mind. The cannibal who worshipped the great God Mugwhump was as certain as any Christian that his god would endure forever.

Religion maintains its hold by violence and early childhood indoctrination. No Christian is about to test the correctness of his beliefs by leaving his children free to discover the right and true Christian faith for themselves…and violence was the method through which the religion first gained its hold over least this is true of Christianity. The Romans didn’t leap into Christ, they were shoved by their emperors…and the greater majority of the Jews who had the privilege of seeing and hearing the son of god for themselves remained unmoved…in fact they found him to be a pest. If they remained unconvinced it’s hardly likely that in the New World, Alaska, Hawaii, Africa and Helenic cultures there would have been a rush to embrace the words spoken by a long dead man from a distant and totally alien village…accepted “on faith” from the out of work fishermen who supposedly witnessed it all and relayed the story by the unreliable method of word of mouth until it was recorded from memory a couple of hundred years later.

No one is that gullible, not unless you hold a sword to them and get to their children before anyone else does.


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