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How Repubs Use Jesus for Ideological Victories....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, June 3 2011, 20:05:56 (UTC)
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...They say they are the party of Jesus and God...of course they are liars and mean none of it, but that's how they get people to vote for them and then implement their "fuck-you" policy.

No way could you take Jesus away from them and still see them win, by admitting they want to kill Medicare....they want more wars....lower taxes for the rich and more for everyone else...take government agencies which work for US and turn them over to private business which feed OFF of us? Repubs are also up to their necks in women's uterusses...they claim abortion is a "moral" and therefor a religious issue, and they've made huge gains for their financial backers by riding abortion for the last 30 years....even though it's legal, they've made it a major issue, this year like no other...because they know damn well they can't be elected on their actual platform...the revolt against union-stripping legislation in states dominated by Republicans shows well as the loss in New York district 26 which has voted Republican since the Middle Ages, lost now to a democrat and only because the Republicans say they will end Medicare and turn more of our taxes over to private companies....sure, Repubs hate to see taxes rise, but when these services have gone private you won't hear a peep out of them as the PRICES rise!!! That is the "free market" at work.

Without Jesus the Republicans would have been hard pressed to win much of anything...another reason to dislike Christianity and not just fear it.


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