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=> How long can this fiction be maintained?

How long can this fiction be maintained?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 24 2016, 1:37:50 (UTC)
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Website title: long will we be told that Islam was always an enemy of ours, that Muslims always did these things and that nothing we did deserves what we're getting in return. And why are all pundits and politicians, and even "scientists" pushing this point?

It would take an absolute minimum of research to know that these are all lies...including especially the nonsense Harris puts out....every single argument in favor of Muslims as "always having been like this" can be shot down in five minutes....but it isn't...none of them are. People go on repeating this nonsense and soon enough they all believe it just because they HEARD it so many times.

What happened to Rula Jabreel who dared challenge Bill Maher ONCE on the Palestinian question....and she was gone.

For Duck's sake WE know how badly we wanted revenge for 9/11 and it didn't matter against whom, in fact we attacked the wrong country, even considering that we would attack ANY country for what fifteen individuals did....and you mean to tell me we can find NO valid reason why Muslims would want revenge for what we've done...just to the Palestinians alone, never mind the rest.

We ASKED for it....we WORKED for it....we went LOOKING for it...and now several are making billions and trillions from it...confident that we an always dispose of the problem when we choose to....which is the same thing the German money-people thought about the Nazis..."we'll use them now to our benefit, and when we're done with them, we'll do away with them".

.... Instead the Nazis almost did away with Germany.


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