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=> ISIS apologizes to Israel for firing on its troops

ISIS apologizes to Israel for firing on its troops
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, April 27 2017, 2:04:10 (UTC)
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How civilized – ISIS apologizes to Israel for firing on its troops
Ricky Twisdale

6 hours ago
The terror group was apparently concerned Israel....

Read the rest here:

-- But the same ISIS demonizes the Persians because (wait for it...) Iran protects its Jewish community:

Read here:

No wonder many refer to ISIS as "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service".

Other fuckery this week... The Saudis are now on UN's Women's Rights Panel:

Read here:

Monty-motha'fuckin'-Python couldn't come up with this shit...

And... Fred's Ashurbanipal is mistaken for Gilgamesh... and Fred is mistaken as Stanley Kubrick :

Read here:


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