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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 9:13:18 (CET)
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When I don't have to do anything for you to prove your STUPIDITY and self Delusion OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER again... And there is the heart of your obsession and sickness...

Anything you HALLUCINATE, you believe in... There is NOTHING and NO ONE in the world that can convinve you that you are simply, STUUUUPIDDDDDDDD.

I am FULLY aware of your disease; more aware of it than you will ever imagine... Will you ever know it, though? Not in a MILLION YEARS...

You will keep on imagining things for yourself, making things up, and believing them to be "facts"... According to you, "undispudable facts". Yet, as you so beatifully manage to do, you wakeup everyday, open your mouth, and prove to everyone how valuable you are as a forum comedian...

I Also like, among many, this "known fact" of yours, lol My God you are so good... Where were you before? lol

" said that you get the sensation you are talking to yourself when dealing with him because he only has something to say if you speak first. But whatever you say will not stimulate a response from him based on any consideration of what you just said…a thoughtful reaction or anything. What he’ll do instead…"

Let me tell you how it is for me "genius"...

When I go to the Zoo to watch monkeys, I Don't speak to them, "first"... I stand there and watch them do their silly acts while I laugh at them... And that costs me money, you know?... When I come here and it's FREE... Why do I have to say anything to watch you preform your "mental acrobatic tricks" while you are stuck in your cage and still believing that you are the best thing the world has had in a thousand years? I get the most fun out of you without wasting any of my energy... That's why I LOVE YOU, get it? lol

You are doing great... I'm sorry I keep forgetting to bring bananas with me... But I know that won't matter to you anyway... It is in your nature and there is nothing I can do to change it... Silly me, why would I want to change you when I am anjoying your STUPID (f)acts so much? lol


P.S. Keep teaching the other Mazloom monkey some more of your tricks... We will need him after you're gone ;-)


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