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I Predict....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 9 2011, 0:02:38 (UTC)
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...Blackwater, or whatever name it goes by, will be our own Gestapo one day, used against the American people when and if we ever come to our senses.

There are rumblings in that general direction already...for one thing it has become acceptable practice to place American citizens in jail indefinitely, suspending habeus corpus so they can rot there until ready. Private Manning has only been trial yet...but he might as well be guilty. He's in prison being broken down mentally to the point where his jailers can claim they strip him nude every night because he "might harm himself"....after they have been working overtime to harm him for a year almost.

One day soon people who are now all for these new ways of "keeping us safe", who are in love with police shows on teevee and army films, who support conservative causes to their own detriment are going to be shocked when their grandchildren are arrested and held without trial because they engaged in college-age pranks and tested their political skills as young people do...only it will be different then...then these things won't be then we will have become such a police state as can't be imagined now...on that day present-day conservative and tea party idiots will be shocked to learn that the Right has moved way way over so that now even they, even they, are considered too liberal....and their kids even more so.

You can't fix what's wrong with America...I wish we could. But history shows that when an empire passes a certain point there is no remedy but dissolution, however it comes...the timbers can be rotted well beyond the point of repair...let's hope not, but everything points towards it....Henry Miller saw it coming in the 20s...he knew America was over was just a matter of time.


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