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I am not banned yet
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, December 5 2011, 18:39:53 (UTC)
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I have finally found someone to go at it without and who hasn't banned me as of yet. He is Jewish and already sounds like a propagandist to me. Here is a bit of what we have covered so far:


"But you're missing the main point. If Arabs would accept the existence of the Jewish state and stop attacking, there would be peace and prosperity in months.

But they won't. No Jew kafir can rule an Arab Muslim, and there can be no Jewish rule of any inch of Mideast land that Arabs once walked on.

Arab Muslim religious bigotry, cultural chauvinism, and racism (no white European Jews! in Palestine) causes their own suffering."

this was him responding to someone else and I replied to the above:

"@blue222blue with all due respect, that is bullshit. Arabs and Muslims have had no problems with Jews. It was Arabs who protected Jews during crusades. Christians murdered 6 million Jews in Europe, and then those same criminals try to get rid of its Jewish populations by shipping them off to Palestine. They came to Palestine and started forcefully removing Palestinians who had lived there for centuries and centuries. "

more of me

"history proves that the Euro Jews had no desire to leave Berlin, Warsaw and their cities for Palestine and why would they when they had never even lived there? It was a way for Europe to get rid of Jews by shipping them off and then create an endless conflict which makes lots of money for a few elites with interests. The conflict could have been settled from the start but there is lots of money to be made. America uses Jews and Israel is a puppet state of the USA."


""Arabs and Muslims have had no problems with Jews."

Hamas charter:

The Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to implement Allah's promise, whatever time that may take. The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: "The Day of Judgment will not come about until the Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them), until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! Oh Abdullah!, there is a Jew behind me, come on and kill him. "


"@blue222blue until the 1980s, It was secular and social movements of Palestine who were trying liberate themselves. It was Israel who sponsored the Islamists. We have never had problems with Jews and I respect Jews more than Christians. If I had lived during the holocaust, I would have hid every Jew if I could even if I would be killed by Nazis. This whole problem has been created by the west and they use Israel to do the dirty work. Neither Jews nor Arabs have benefited."

"@blue222blue as for the hadiths you're quoting, I am not Muslim so it don't pertain to me but I do know that Muslims do not hate Jews simply because they are Jewish. If it were Buddhists or Hindus doing this to Palestinians, they would be just as mad. If Muslims were following these hadiths, why didn't they fight Jews for last 1,400 years? Why only now since 1948? In Iraq Jews lived prosperously just as in Yemen and elsewhere. Iranian Jews love their country and Iran loves them."


""Arabs and Muslims have had no problems with Jews"

In a recent poll of 1,100 Palestinians, 73% agreed with that Hadith quote in the Hamas charter about killing Jews behind rocks and trees."

"These quotes do not refer to Zionists. They do not refer to Israeli soldiers. They do not refer to Israeli "settlers".


"@blue222blue let me beat someone up for 10 years or more and let me abuse him and then give him a survey as to what he thinks of me. What you think he will respond? He will use anything possible to fight me back. You didn't answer the question. Why didn't Muslims kill and fight Jews the way Christians did for 2,000 years if those hadiths were so important? Those hadiths are talking about a whole different time period. It pertains to anti-christ whom those Jews will support."

"@blue222blue the quote refers to the future when the "dajjal" is suppose to come. Again, I am not a believer so this means nothing to me but this is how Muslims view the hadiths about fighting. It is about the future when the Messiaha is supposed to come back and not just killing Jews. I don't believe in any religion so anything like that is silly and boring to me but you brought it up as your evidence and I know your evidence very well."

that's it so far.


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