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=> I feel like ripping this dude another ass hole

I feel like ripping this dude another ass hole
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, March 24 2011, 10:36:19 (UTC)
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Another hero and "proud" Assyrian trying to teach a White person that "we" aren't Arabs. I couldn't resist so I will do him,

Aturaya wrote

"After Egypt was forced to convert to Islam, their populations interbred with the Arab muslims becoming Arabfied, however the Assyrians refused arabification and never converted to Islam, thats another reason we kept our ancient language and culture, we wern't allowed to breed with non-christian populations, and we were conquered by the Arabs, Persians, turks and kurds, which all of them were and are Muslim."

My response

First of all, Egypt was forced to convert to Islam but the majority of the people in that land embraced it. Secondly, long before Islam, Egypt had changed much from what it used to be in the days of Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptians were Black and that pisses you off since you like to think the Greek Copts are indigenous. Arabs were already in Egypt before the Christians. Ever heard of the Hyksos dynasty that ruled Egypt over 4,000 years ago? Probably not since Fred Aprim is your source but they were Arabs and lived there long before your Christians came there. Thirdly, who are Assyrians in your opinion? Jacobites, Chaldeans, Nestorians etc? The vast majority of them became Muslim in the 7th and 9th century and they weren't forced. Historians say so and they ain't my relatives nor my village priest.

He wrote

"Egypt and other middle eastern nations such as Lebanon lost all their ancient roots since they became Arab, literally lost their language and most of their DNA is now Arab, this is because large populations of theirs converted to Islam, Assyrians are 98% christian 2% 'no religion'"

My response

Again. ancient Egyptians were Black so in that case nobody is real today. Many Arabs are Black anyway so they still have a better claim if anything. Lebanon had Arabs too and so did Syria, Jordan etc, and that was all long before Christianity and Islam. Not every Arab is a Muslim for your information. And where the fuck do you get your stats from about Christians and no religion? Did you survey every asshole who is supposed to be Assyrian?


"The single-minded adherence to the Christian faith from late antiquity until the present time has made Christianity an indelible part of Assyrian identity, but it has also subjected the Assyrians to endless persecutions and massacres, first in the hands of the Romans, then in the hands of the Sasanian Persians, and last in the hands of Arabs, Kurds and Turks. These persecutions and massacres have reduced the total number of Assyrians from an estimated 20 million or more in antiquity to well under two million today." Professor Simo Parpola (University of Finland)"

As if you quoted some legit historian. The person you quoted is an Assyriologist and not a historian on modern Syriacs. He mixes what he learned in school about ancients with what his grandma and pastor told him in teh basement and tries to connect them.

He wrote:

"Trust me marrying and breeding with the people that were massacring us for our faith would of never happened. Also i might add that there is no such thing as a "pure race" every race you see today has interbred and mixed at one point in their history, at one point in time someone has brought forieng DNA into your bloodline, check out that link i posted where it says 10,000 British men were tested and 4 out of 5 roots in the ancient near east, ive also read that the ancient city of trier in Germany, its oldest city infact was founded by an Assyrian prince ;"

If you mean Muslims massacred you for your faith, that's bullshit. Christians persecuted you for your faith because you were and still are heretics to them. You are right about the nobody is pure but you people and Christian fucks in general seem to not be aware of that. You all still claim that every Christian Lebanese is a true Phonecian and every Copt is real Egyptian while every Muslim in those land is an Arab. Lastly, about your German city; I am sure Michael Jordan is Assyrian too but only admits it in secret. My grandma told me that. Now go spank your monkey as you all do so well. It's funny you people have been fucked by British and others yet you all still suck their dicks. i guess White people are superior to you.


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