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I get it, I get it....
Posted by atheist (Guest) - Thursday, July 29 2010, 13:43:44 (UTC)
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I understand what youīre saying...but whether money is propped up by gold or silver or petroleum, the basic flaw is the need to prop it up with anything "precious"....meaning anything whose value can be manipulated so that we have these recurring depressions and inflations and so-called scarcities which all tend to making billionaires out of millionaires while common people go hungry.

Money should be pegged to WORK and FOOD, primarily...not to any arbitrarily designated "precious" anything.

Iīm talking about the System, not its details.

I donīt have know the intricacies of Al Caponeīs empire to know, without a doubt, that he was a crook...or of Kissingerīs manipulations... except to know enough...and we already know enough.

This system is set up as a playing field for money-mad people and as such these Depressions and "rallies" and Market bullshit are part of the game...this nonsense about we-have-no-money-to-pay-teachers,doctors-etc. is the game.

We can print all the money we need to have a decent, functioning society, but on that day, weīll stop printing the money it takes billionaires to play their games...and thatīs what they wonīt let happen.

We can not only produce the labor to produce the potatoes that would feed every human on earth...we can print all the fucking paper it takes to pay for it....end of story.

Right now private bankers print all the money THEY need to play Monopoly...itīs the same game, only the benefiaries, the direct benificiaries, would be the people...and not through some rising-tide-lifts-all-boats bullshit, like they have us believing now...the notion that billionaires CREATE jobs for us little people...they donīt...they DESTROY jobs on the way to making their play-money.

I get it....but what comes next...what happens when all the petroleum and gold and silver are gone? What new "precious commodity" will be manufactued then to keep the game going? Or will we ever figure out where scarcity and human misery come from, at least in so far as socieites create these things and afflict themselves unnecessarily.

Andrew Jackson fought national banks...he did not want they had in England...the Founding Fathers did not want one and Lincoln avoided one as long as he could.....Lincoln printed his own money to fund the Civili War and saved 400 million in interest we would have owed to a national bank.

Besides which the Constitution gives to the government the right to print money, not private bankers. It says "Congress shall coin money..." Bankers have interpreted this, through their shills, to mean that the government can make only COINS. Itīs the kind of trickery theyīve used again and again to get their way....but no amount of petroleum will settle the issue, because there will never be enough for these people...never enouhg play money to be made.


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