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I'm Beginning to Think That...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 14 2007, 20:21:53 (CET)
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...what distresses us most about the legitimate and well founded doubts raised about us being Assyrians, as Dr Joseph’s book so thoroughly does, is that it threatens to expose our “national” argument as a sham…a ploy for a country for our Christians selves. Sure, there’s the glamour of being the heirs of Ashurbanipal, though we don’t do anything “Assyrian” that isn’t tied to a priest, but the real payoff comes if we can convince somebody important that we really DO deserve to get Assyria, “our country”, back. To us being Assyrian and being Christian is the same thing. But we can’t get a Christian nation without first getting an Assyrian one, the one being the pretext for the other, even though it has no better chance of succeeding than if we just came out openly and said we want our own Christian country, in the midst of madder than hell Muslims…a great outlook for the future after we’ve called them every dirty name in the book.

A little secret to this ploy is that if it doesn’t work and we get a good drubbing for our sedition, we still win, for our Christian faith can then have been said to have suffered another “martyrdom” which we can then add to our list of the great “suffering” we have endured for Jesus, as if it wasn’t our own asinine fault we broke the law and suffered the consequences.

Let’s face it, without the Assyrian angle there’s no chance in hell anyone in the MidEast is going to turn over land to a Christian minority to make themselves a country...even less than they’d turn it over to Muslims to make one. I believe we’re all realists enough to see that. Come on…even the dumbest among us knows that will never happen. And so the church, which runs those “schools” in basement villages, teaches it’s young charges that they are sons of Ashurbanipal who had their “ancestral” lands usurped away by thieving Arabs…and they should go out and demand them back…since, as Christians they can’t very well tell them to fight for them so maybe, as Christians, they can humbly beg or, when that doesn’t work, hide behind the guns of REAL Christians who know how these things are done and don’t mind killing babies to get there.

However we proceed, only disaster waits for us…the fact that we don’t see it, or refuse to, like Beth-Jumblat who refuses to see “Qurd”… doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


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