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"I saw it on the internet".....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, June 24 2014, 20:24:43 (UTC)
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...good documentary about the battle to overturn Proposition 8 in California which declared marriage as only for a man and a woman....there was a lawsuit, of course, and it was won, next came an appeal and that was won also...then the case went to the Supreme Court which dodged the issue by declaring that the side that was against Gay marriage had no legal "standing", meaning they could not show that Gay marriage had any negative impact on them, and refused to review the Prop 8 remained invalid and today humans in California can marry whomever they want.

What was interesting was how quickly the witnesses against Gay Marriage melted away and refused to appear for their side...the thing is on FOX news and the rest of them you can say whatever you can make things up, you can lie because you know no one will call you on it...but on the stand in a courtroom you take an oath and you know damn well you will be all these hotheads who rail against Gay marriage and Homosexuality, who say silly things like "Gay marriage will endanger children", and who might even have a "study" they will cite, dare not appear in a court of law...and none of them did...except for one guy who was forced to testify by the pro-Gay side...and when he was challenged on his ridiculous writings and asked to provide SOURCES and EVIDENCE for his silly hate-filled opinions, he actually said..."from the internet"...just like OUR jackasses do...on top of that they showed a "book" he had written himself filled with his own ditzy ideas...and it was SELF-PRINTED, also like our idiots!

conclusion: Assyrians aren't the only idiots.


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