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I smoke weed too!
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, November 27 2010, 21:50:35 (UTC)
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I wanted to clarify further but didn't get a chance lol. I was making a point that the boy looked like a weed smoker and who knows what they really did to him in reality. I also see this as entrapment. It is no different from an undercover cop pretending to be a prostitute and then comes at me and says "I suck your dick and wanna fuck". That kind of behaviour is illegal for an undercover cop so how does the FBI do this without trouble? There was a white boy Muslim last year who was also set up in the similar way and I think it was in Dallas. One thing they are proving to me further is that there aren't any terrorists in reality attacking us but out own government wants people to do bad things.


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