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If Banning Circumcision....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 4 2011, 16:08:24 (UTC)
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....making illegal the cutting of live human flesh, despite "religion" and "God" can be placed on the ballot through a petition drive...why can't raising the minimum wage to $20.00 an hour?

...and when corporations and their lobbyists force through legislation granting themselves tax exemptions and we can't get the laws changed because what are supposed to be our "lobbyists", those same legislators, have been bought and paid for by someone else...why can't we place on the ballot our own laws through that same petition process?

People voted into law a discriminatory and unconstitutional ban on equal marriage rights in California and probably would in most states...but we, the workers, can't get a measure placed on the ballot giving OURSELVES a decent wage?

Seems to me that's far more effective and gives the people direct action, as was intended in democracies, rather than forcing them to beg and plead for their representatives to be honest and act like THEIR legislators....and it's a lot better than the vote, where you're told which two jackasses you can vote for and no one else....and increasingly where we are given the choice between millionaires to represent us, "the people".


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