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If Israel was Lichtenstein...or Belize....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, February 3 2011, 0:52:14 (UTC)
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...we're so used to accepting the idea that the United States is attached heart and soul to the fortunes of Israel, that we live or die depending on how secure Israel is, that we can't spend enough to make sure Israel gets as much territory as it can get away with that we never stop to think how absurd such contentions are...especially when we come across them so often in the's gotten to the point that we don't even question the notion...we don't ask or know enough to ask if we were always so solicitous of Jews...if their welfare has always been the dearest thing to us, even to the point where we will hurt our own national security and welfare, sacrifice our treasure and children for the sake of Jews...hell you'd think the welfare of Jews was the reason we had a Revolution...or fought a Civil War JUST to free the Jews!

The truth is very different.

But to get a fresh take on how absurd this Christian propaganda is just imagine the same statements being made in the media daily, and by our politicians regarding Belize...or Lichtenstein, which are about the size and worth of Isarel, where America is concerned...imagine a politician saying, "Even though this course of action goes against our best self-interest, the risk and trouble is worth it because we MUST defend Belize at all costs." say what?

What if fear for the safety of Lichtenstein was what determined American policy and we were prepared to go to war to save dear Lichtenstein...wouldn't that sound a bit odd?

Yet we are used to hearing this about Israel and how important the safety of Israelis is to America and how dedicated we are and committed etc.

Who is bullshitting whom?


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