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If There Was a Powerful Israeli Lobby
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 4 2011, 14:22:52 (UTC)
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...they would have endorsed the two-sate solution years ago...but, unfortunately, that would have cut off "aid" to American warmongering corporations. Israelis cannot win this war in any conventional sense....ever. All they've managed to do, by following the American line, is gain world-wide anger and increasing anti-Jewishness, which no one wnats to talk about...and made their position increasingly insecure...which is just fine by those same corporate welfare fat cats...

...for one thing the Arab population in Israel will only grow at the same time that less and less Jews see any benefit to moving to Israel, except of course for the poorest of the poor, the ones the Americans encourage to be "settlers"...not only will Arabs out-baby Israelis but the surrounding Muslim countries will also grow more and more Arabs just as pissed only more and more so...never less...which is great for corporate profts but very bad for Israelis....hell, they could use a real friend or two!...a real friend and not the Christians who are still, after all these centuries, feeding off of and using Jews to their own profit.

Rememebr, these Christians found ways of profiting from Jewish skin, and fat, and gold teeth, and who knows what else....I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Jews were cooked and canned for use by German soldiers...why not? War time rationing can affect moral as well as a shortage of bullets....Napoleon said an army marches on its much more then does an army, noted for Blitzkreig, for top speed etc. require nourishing meat?


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