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In Which Aprim Is Said To Make Sense
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 13 2007, 22:08:28 (CET)
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F. Aprim's question are valid

Posted By: SOS
Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2007, at 9:37 p.m.

I find the following Fred Aprims questions interesting and worth discussion, study and research.

I really like to know mre about the situation:

Fred is asking the following:

1_ Do the Kurds recognize the rights of the indigenous Assyrians on their historic lands in northern Iraq?

...does the United States recognize the rights of the Apaches on their historic lands in North America? What 'rights" are you people referring to?

2_Do the Kurdish officials allow Assyrians to demonstrate?

..within Law, no doubt. You cannot demonstrate in any country where you call into question the legal right of the government to's called sedition and is illegal in Iraq, America and Kurdistan.

3_Do the Kurdish officials allow Assyrians to display the name of their businesses in Assyrian language?

...what difference would it make to anything if they did not? English has been declared the official language of California, which has the third or fifth largest economy in the world with more Mexican indigenous people in it than Kurdistan has Assyrians..yet it is illegal to speak Spanish at work...

4_Do the Kurdish officials allow Assyrians to raise the Assyrian flags wherever they want?

...they would if there was no implication that this flag, a recent invention, was tied to demands for land, which is, again, sedition.

5_Do the Kurdish officials allow Assyrians to run their own affairs without interfering? name any government on earth that allows a minority to run its own affairs without interferring and we can talk. The Kurds, like the Iraqis before them and the United States, to this day, will NEVER allow any group, indigenous or whatever, complete freedom to make the sorts of outrageous claims to special rights and lands which Assyrians make and which Native Americans tried to all depends on whether the law of the land is obeyed or not...YOU may think it's just a matter of free speech, but since you people notoriously don't grant freedom of speech on your own fucking forums, including the fucking one from which you now demand to know if the KURDS will honor free've got some onions.

6_Do the Kurdish officials bring murderers of Assyrians to justice?

...sure, why not.

7_Did the Kurdish officials allow fair elections in 2005?

...did American officials? These things happen. You people can't run a picnic in Turlock or enjoy your religious freedoms in AMERICA without pissing yourselves and you demand Kurdistan, still in the throes of a devastating war with refugee problems up the wazoo and for 17 years now with no guarantee of what the future holds to make nice with you and do all things to suit you? You, who can barely run an election in AMERICA???

8_Are Kurdish officials fair to Assyrian political groups that are independent and not completely under Kurdish control?

..that all depends on their YOU it is a noble agenda to want an it was to Native Americans to get their native lands back...but you can't ask these things and demand these and give, as your reasons, that you are OWED them and further that it is wrong or illegal or immoral to deny them to you..if you do you will be hunted down and shot or the United States government did during the 70s to Native American leaders who peacefully squatted on what everyone knows IS their land.

9_Have you read the statements of Kurdish officials about the Assyrians' rights?

...nope. But I can tell you they will get no rights other than those granted to all citizens..the Millet Syetem is long dead.

Anybody can shed some lights of what is going on?

...sure, but it won't people are dark inside.

Are we jumping into a new frying pan?

...with as big a fatheads as you all have, why not? You'll do the same damn things you did the last time, when you all saw "golden opportunities" from the rape of Iraq...and, without pause or reflection, will run right out and do the same things we see plainly enough already...and THEN, you'll sit back and howl again at how come the SAME thing happened without ever realizing it was because you DID the same things.

Don't mention it.



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