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In Which Jumblat Meets A Historian He Likes
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 22:39:30 (CET)
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“I got man here I meet who nose all about great identitties. You listen to what he say and you tell me he is no great man.”

“Yes, brother Jumblat, we are great. And don’t you let nobady tell you different. Who is this Joe fella? He go where? What is Princeton…a big fat KINGS BOY Ha Ha ha Ha…MwaHHHHHHH, Ho Ho Ho Hee hee Hee…wooooooieeee!

And he got what? phD? What is phD…fart with no noise? MwaaaHHHHHH Ho Ho Ho Hee Hee Ho Ho…wAH wAh HA HA…oh boy, dat good! LoL.

You think I exaggerate?


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