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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 19 2007, 17:21:08 (CET)
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...what does Michael Youash think he's doing? Does he think anyone on the other side is fooled by "automous region"? Or "self-administered"? And does he think the people, whoever they are, that he's appealing to will give him one of these because he thinks it won't be a country?

,,if the Kurds are as bad as we say they are, why in heaven's name would they agree? With the country devastated by western Christians and everything up for grabs, why shouldn't Kurdistan grab for all it can? Why wouldn't they rush Kurds into the Nineveh Plains to justify their control over it? makes sense to me. I'd do it. You know damn well WE'D love to do it. But we can't do anything.'s funny that when you dare to criticize these people you immediately become their enemy or a traitor..just like they were children who liked their toys so much they hated you for pointing out they were playing on the fast lane of a freeway...if you say or do anything to spoil their fun, they hate you. Which means that to be "Assyrian" and nationalist and even one who "loves his people" you have to shut up, close your eyes, put away anything you may have learned from anyone's history, call all writers and thinkers who won't blind themselves "traitors" who "sold out"...and march to the political drum beat of what are essentially monks and dervishes so caught up in the emotional thrill of their twirlings and flagellations and visions and voices, onward to martyrdom which they secretly find as appealling and a whole lot easier to achieve and even "sustain" than a country or what good sense can do for you.

It's the same people folks. Just as it's the same Nazis, re-christened, who are leading this Holocaust against Muslims who just ended their last one against Jews..who were also being lied about and slandered so Christians could justify their fear and hatred of them...and it's the same religio-nationalists who refused to settle in Iraq as Iraqis but insisted the British "owed" them an Assyrian bvecause they were the "indigenous" people of BetNahrain who's "rights were being usurped" and who "needed protection"...the very same people who seem to have been awarded a "contract" on the rest of us by someone, maybe yahwe, and who've been at the forefront of leading us into every major disaster we've suffered in the modern era. The very same ones only now they wear suits and have projects and have caught on to "double-speak"...twisting words into suiting an "agenda" which is the same old, tired one: "give us what we can't give ourselves".

And we'll get thrashed for it some more...and as always, never see how we lead ourselves into these muddles which we blame on everyone else but us.


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