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Iraq project not worth the millions spent
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 31 2011, 3:54:01 (UTC)
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Website title: whom? Was there anybody who found this project "worthwhile"? yes, the people who got money from our Treasury to build it...what the fuck do they care if it is ever finished...or runs? Let it all collapse the day after they leave and what have they lost...and what have they gained? How about several million dollars?

By Charley Keyes, CNN Sr. National Security Producer

As the U.S. military heads towards the exits in Iraq, a new report released Sunday on a major reconstruction project there reads like a critique of the war in general - poorly planned, unexpectedly costly, years behind schedule and with an uncertain future.

...yes, but no one has critiqued the war for not making millions and billions of dollars in profits for a few. Of that there has been no "criticism".


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