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Is there really a devil?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, March 7 2011, 8:09:25 (UTC)
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Yes there is and he is White in color. I may sound racist for calling him such but I can proof it from his own mouth. I have gathered a bunch of comments from the Devils(White people and Christians) and doesn't need to ponder or accuse us of being racist. Even if I appear like I am a racist, I don't have the blood and atrocities on my shoulders that white people have. I didn't drop bombs on helpless Japanese, I didn't murder 2 million Vietnamese, I didn't starve to death over a million children, I didn't murder millions of Jews etc. All these things and far more were done only by White people, yet these same criminals of this world are crying and claiming to be defending themselves against Muslims who want to kill Christians, Jews and everyone who isn't one. This is the same thing they said about Jews, Communists, Black people and whoever else they don't see eye to eye with.

Check out these comments from people responding to a Yahoo report about Muslims in DC working with the Govt to tackle extremists and terrorists.


"Dont ever.....forget what they did to over three thousand of our innocent American brothers and sisters on 9/11"


"i wonder y the world tolerates muslim,when themselves cant tolerate any one,they advance satans agenda on earth,period!! muslims are more than wicked/terrorists.this includes thier children,women and men all terrorrists"


"Obama is a Muslim. And, has Declared Jihad on Each and Every American.


"Let my tell you that soon and very soon all those people who demonstrate including those so called Jews, presbeterian, and who knows what religion they represent in this demonstration are going to regret what they are stood up for today. There will be more of you all who are going to be massacre by those so called peaceful loving muslim watch out you guys time is running out. I'm glad that there are so many of yo who had open your brain and starting to do something. Please oh please help this nation. we need to wipe out this davil among us soon. If you don't do it now, 9/11 will look like nothing compare to what those muslim will do later on. this is not a joke America should wake up no matter what the cost. To me nothing is more worthed than eliminating those murdurous monster that is waiting to kill again in enormous destructive scale. wake up America and never sleep until they are gone. Look they make Israel look like vitims when they have a lot of land compare to Israel who only have small piece of land. Is Israel is at fault where do they come from anyway. Don't they have a legitimate place to stay and be their own? Stop telling that Israel is greedy. no no muslims are greedy. They even wanna own and built mosqoe near ground zero. dude wake up."

The wolf

"Why don't you wake up ms.adri. These muslims are doing what they plan on doing, take over the USA, with the help of a @#$% kissing so called prez. who is in bed with all these muslims. This creep is so stupid, that this @#$% kissing prez. in falling into the hands of these monsters. I tell you AMERICA, If these politians keep kissing these third world A-Holes rear ends. Our country will be in grave danger. These politians are inviting muslims to in breed their plan. And that plan is to convert our country, to their sick ways. PERIOD. Take Heed people, take heed!"

d great1

"funny...after 911 we voted for a muslim. a muslim is running the white house praising muslims...u kidding me? who are the HAMAS? who are ABU SAYYAF? who are the HEZBOLLAH, The AL-QAEDA??? WHO YOU FOOLIN'?"


"McDonough called the mosque a "typically American place" and he commended the mosque's members for taking "an unequivocal stand against terrorism."

Who is he kidding? The part where someone, anyone wishes to worship their little mythos is just fine and dandy. Let's not fool ourselves that for possibly hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the US, it is a political movement, first and foremost, with an aim to supplant the ideas that built this country and replace them with an oppressive, male-dominated, nightmare, where the religion is not a personal belief, but a forced submission on the rest of the neighbors.
America routed the Nazis to what? Let this Saracens walk in and bend us over like the nuns they raped in France when they almost won Europe. Thank you Charles Martel, we need a return of your good work again, maybe very soon."


"all muslims serve the devil and they are just marked for Hell. Allah is not God is the devil himself. christian americans hould wake up and pray and bring thier altars down thro prayers. Jesus he is ready to overthrow the muslim altars and establish the king of God the father on earth. but lets remember the end of the world is more nearer and the devil knows he has no time other than to strategize and built mosque even inside white house. lets prepare our souls for the rapture Jesus christ comes for the pure church."

I think the above are enough but there are over 68,000 replies and I couldn't see even 3 positive responds. It's not like these are kids talking like this but grown Americans and Christians. These are adults talking like this and nothing has changed from 60 years ago when Jews were the victims. The same people have picked a new people to fuck with and are claiming to be merely protecting themselves, but is it Muslims coming over here or messing with our lives and politics or is it we who go to the Middle East, Africa, South America etc? Does it not occur to these racists that maybe it is they who are doing something to earn hatred and no so much that everyone they're at war with is the bad guy?

I can only shake my head at these people but I also really learn that not only do we have racists in office but even the average American is a bigot and racist. So I am not inventing something or being bad for pointing out the crimes Whites have committed and continue to do around the globe, but it's facts. Jeremiah Wright didn't say anything wrong when Obama had to renounce him publicly but the devils don't like their shit being mentioned but it's always so much easier to stereotype or criticize another group of people as a whole. There hasn't been another group of people who come close to what these devils have done and I hate to mention color but that is how the world is and everything is about color when it comes to White people so I will play their game along. When I see stuff like the above and I know how most White people are, I only become even happier that I reside in the inner city with Black people and knowing that the cracker scared to come around just makes me happier.

I can only imagine how tough it must have been for Black people in Amerikkka at the hands of these strange looking people who have Bible's, crosses and lack mercy. A people who will throw an elderly woman in jail for drinking water or sitting next to a White person. It's bad today and horrible back then. Today Blacks have to fight drugs, liquor and everything else White man throws at them and back then it was hangings, lynchings etc. Name another group that comes close to what the White man has done and I will gladly say they are not devils but I am positive that nobody can find another group of people who come this close. We talking in recent history also and not just 2,000 years ago. Of course, there are decent White people in this world but there are also many and many more bad ones. Since Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, etc have to be lumped together, I can only be fair and generalize Whites as a whole too. It's the best I can do and it's fair to do. We talk about equality so I will put it into actions.

I will be sure to to mention Christian every time my mom watches CNN and gets sad when a child is killed by parents or kidnapped and everything else we see White people do. Religion and race will be mentioned because it is always included when a bad guy happens to be Muslim.


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