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=> Israel bombs its own bus...

Israel bombs its own bus...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 23 2011, 19:14:31 (UTC)
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...we should know the drill by now....movement in Arab nations, threat of change in favorable dictators...bomb goes off in Isarel...everybody blames Palestinians....more weapons are sold, more tax money goes to American/Israeli corporations.

Now, no one is saying that members of Mossad plant these bombs..just as no one, except Bill Maher, thinks George Bush flew those airplanes...there is no need for such heavy-handed tactics...not even a bumbling clown like Hitler lit the fuse to blow up his Reichstag...what happens is that Mossad infiltrates Muslim groups, or helps encourage their formation...then they plant ideas or encourage others in their ideas...they may go so far as make the means available...and then they retire and wait....

Thereīs no reason on earth why after seven years and at a time when Israel has the support of the United States to kill as many Palestinian children as it wants to, that any Palestinian would get the idea to bomb a bus....but Israeliu agents, seeing what is happening in Arab nations as a threat to their puppets, would! The benefit is of course that they can launch more attacks, steal more land and clear more Palestinians out...Isarel did it...but did it the good old American way.

And for those who still canīt believe their own government would allow attacks against their own "dear citizens"....look under a bridge and see how children live, in their own countries...or consider theat governments liucense and profit from cigarette sales which kill hundreds of thousands of their own dear citizens every year...and tell me a government would NEVER have its own killed just to make a buck.....go on.


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