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It Always Comes Down to This...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, July 3 2011, 16:41:59 (UTC)
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...start a conversation anywhere with these nationalists and they'll wind up saying things like the following, taken from Andre's posts....

* "so much to say about your worthless relics that you were paid thousands to make to place in the middle of no-where barely noticed".

...always there is envy and suspicion of the successful assyrian who makes "more money" then the rest...a feeling that the person has done something wrong, dishonest and ignoble if people reward his efforts. In a foot race among nations an assyrian would rather trip up a fellow assyrian who looked likely to win the race, than see that other assyrian win.

* "I refuse to discuss further with you if you think otherwise"

....what can you say? They will not have a discussion if you "think otherwise". Then what kind of discussion is it? Is it a discussion at all or each one stroking the other guy's balls and getting his own stroked in return? They will neither fight their enemies, or "discuss" with their enemies, unless those enemies agree with them...and so, they don't fight anyone, except each other, and they don;t know have to have a lively discussion with give and take. other words, Andre has produced propaganda, not a true documentary. A real documentary expresses all sides of an issue, Andre has only one view: his disagreements allowed.

* "You hate yourself so much for being Assyrian that you want Assyrians to cease to exist".

...this is the Israeli cop-out, the Jewish two-step. Anyone who criticizes MUST hate either himself, or you, or both. In this world-view there can be no debate, no learning, no humility and no search for truth...just propaganda.

* "Time for the youngens to teach the old folks their wrongs with the right actions".

...this is the strangest of all when you consider that to them action means talking...and only talking to those who agree with you. In this world-view "action" is pleading with other people to do something for YOU...

* "your rudeness is the real reason why i am not willing to take the time to properly express my views".

...see, they only bother with polite people. He has a lot to say, but not to anyone who is rude. And you can see how well prepared they are to deal in the outside world. Andre has made a piece of puff propaganda which his cousins, and all those who already feel as he does, all love...not to mention the State Department, which knows all about the short-term value of lies and propaganda.

* "Or is it that I don't care to explain my actions to someone who knows no responsebility and is full of contempt"?

...because Andre feels ridiculed, mostly because his words and actions richly deserves it, he therefore believes that his ridiculousness is not a product of Andre himself, but the result of your contempt for him. If you go away, Andre won;t be ridiculous. Again, it isn't's YOU.

* "your hatred coupled with complacency is very illogical)".

...nonsense pure and simple.

Everyone involved in the Assyrian community knows who you are, Farid, and that you care about satisfying one person: yourself. In other words, go back to Mexico, Pancho,

....this is the "you are known" attack...Andre cares so much that people like him he feels you will be shocked to learn that you are NOT liked...that people "know" you. And of course you must be a selfish person and also you should go away.

* "and continue running away from your responsibilities to be (at least a decent) husband and father"

...the personal attack once again...anything to avoid issues.


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