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It always amazes me
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, September 18 2011, 4:00:23 (UTC)
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How these pastors and warmongers like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Fox News, Pat Robertson etc say "this is a Judeo-Christian country". They put Judaism and Christianity together as if they the same. The reality is far different from that and it's partially because those people are ignorant or straight up liars. Christianity and Judaism are not the same at all and never have been. Islam and Judaism have more in common and are closest. I have shown before where some of the most prominent Jewish rabbis in history of Judaism have always issued rulings about Jews being able to pray at mosques. The Caliph Uthman prayed in a synagogue in Jerusalem upon his arrival. Christians and Jewish delegates prayed at Muhammad's mosque in Madina when they came to see him and speak with him.

I don't see how they can link Jews and Christians when they have not much in common other than Jesus being Jewish yet Christians abducted him with their sickness. Jews believe in one god, obey the laws just as Muslims do but Christians worship Jesus instead and say he is that god. This is blasphemy to every Jew and Muslim because Christians took that god and made him into a man born of a woman, had his penis circumcised and lived like any other human. This alone is enough to separate them because this breaks the most important Jewish concept. Muslims say "la ilaha ila Allah" and Jews have the same thing when they recite the "shama Yisrael". It's also funny to me how Christians go against their own bible where it clearly shows that Jesus lived like a Jew, prayed, worshiped, followed the Torah to the teeth yet Christians suck at it. They say they no longer have to follow it because they are above the law with the murder of Jesus. If Jesus who supposed to be god himself and his son(however the fuck that works out) fasted and lived such a strict life, what that mean for Christians who are the biggest whores, alcoholics, killers, thieves, child rapists, etc?

Christianity was a fuck up from the start and there was never one understanding or religion which they all agreed on. 600 years after Jesus when Muhammad came, Christians were still killing each other over the nature of Jesus. There was a group known as Araians, which modern Christians probably don't know much about but these people were like Jews and even closer to Muslims because they believed Jesus to have been a prophet and servant of god but not god himself. These people were just as big as modern Christians are today and they would have taken over were it not for Constantine wiping them out. There were daily killings, persecution, etc. It wont on for centuries and all this was because there was much confusion about Christianity and who Jesus was. Muslims never had such issue as they understood that Jesus was a prophet and the messiah but Christians had gone wrong after him by forgetting his real message and purpose.

I was also shocked when I first read in the Quran that Jesus wasn't crucified which Christians find so bad and a blasphemy but I looked into a book written by a Christian scholar name, J M D Kelly and it's titled "early Christian doctrines". It's a hell of a book and in it he mentions the different sects within early Christendom and he said that it was a common belief in the first century CE that Jesus was not crucified. This is shocking to Christians today but it was available and a common concept until they were eventually wiped out. Christianity as we know today prospered because all the other sects that were more Jewish were wiped out and only Paul's klan survived thanks to Constantine and the Romans.

None of the earliest writings discovered which are older than the gospels mention the crucifixion, eucharist etc. Christians need argue with themselves before worrying about what Muhammad said because this is their history which they been covering up. Knowing this has made it harder for me not to hate Christianity because I see what it's all about. When I was a Muslim I always tried my best to separate Jesus from Christianity just as Muhammad said that he was innocent of what his supposed followers do. Muhammad ordered Muslims to still be kind to Christians, uphold treaties, respect them, give them freedom to worship but also made clear where they went wrong and that's partially why Christians turned on him so badly and quickly. They couldn't stand that he was exposing them and pointing out what they did. My hairs almost stood up when I started reading Quran and the parts where it talks about Christians and I was like this is exactly how I was brought up and this exactly how Assyrians and Christians are towards Muslims. Smile in your face and hate you from within. Turn on you any chance they get and they have always done that but then say Muslims kill Christians and hate Jesus.

It's their actions that have caused them the little trouble they had with Muslims in history. In 1,400 years of Christians living under Islam, not one of them can show a single event where Muslims killed Christians or Assyraisn just because of religion nor could they show when Muslims killed or forced people into religion. I posted numerous writing from historians and scholars(all of them western or Christian Arabs) and all said the same thing and debunked the Christian slanders. It was Christianity which was forced on people and waged holy wars. Holy war was never a Muslim thing but used by the crusades against Muslims but today it has become an Islamic thing according to the 'experts' on FOX news even though the word is not in Quran. Contrary to Christian desires, opinions and wishes, it was Islam that was spread through teaching and preaching and it came because of Sufis who went by foot all the way to China, Europe and Africa.

The biggest Muslim populations are in lands that were never conquered by Muslims and the countries which were under Islam for centuries(India, Spain, etc) are still there and kept their religions. They can't name one country which was conquered by Christians and where the populations weren't forcefully converted. Philippines used to be a Muslim majority land with Buddhists living in peace together until the Catholics arrived. I still know many Christian Filipinos with Muslim last names such as "Gamil"(Jamil originally) and much more. As Professor John Joseph points out in his book, the Nestorians, Jacobites and other Middle Eastern Christian denominations only survived because of Muslims and the Nestorians were even permitted to carry out missionary activities while under Islam. Imagine Catholics allowing Protestants the same right or even tolerating them.

We have had such debates on here before but it wasn't much of a debate because all the Assyrian "warriors" ran away quick or as they told us "we busy and don't waste time" but then you catch them on youtube or on other assyrian sites repeating the same lies and bullshit. What I don't understand is we have a forum here where there is no regulating and no deleting, blocking, etc. They don't even need to register or give a real name yet they all hide but prefer the bullshit forums where there is deleting and that's because the webmasters are their buddies and they email them and ask them to remove so and so.

That's how I got banned and this is the only Assyrian site where I was able to say whatever I want and relieve my anger and learn more from them. This site exposes them and proves us right every time. I use spent hours on youtube inviting assyrian heroes to come on here and let me fuck them but they all ran away or blocked me. With all their "evidence" one would think they be on here giving it to us and making us shiver but nope. I remember one character who kept saying that soon he would "reveal" the big thing and "expose your damn Islam" and I waited and waited but nothing happen. He tried to show off because he spoke Aramaic and Arabic good so I notified my Jewish friend and my Japanese Muslim friend who were both fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic but it was a waste of time and never happened. These people know not to step too far from their street corner and that's why they stick to Turlock or suburbs of Phoenix where they feel safe.


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