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Jew-Hating Fashion Designer...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 3 2011, 14:13:22 (UTC)
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John Galianos is the latest Christians to let slip what he really thinks about Jews...and he's in good company because most Christians feel the same way they ever, you might be tempted to think that the firing and swift condemnation of Galianos by his bosses, plus his vile contrition since he let slip, are all indicative of the STRONG JEWISH LOBBY that can set grown Christians to termbling before their wrath...and that's just as you're expected to react....because that too is a part of the SAME anti-Jewish sentiment!...this idea, this quaint idea, that Jews are very much co that Chrisatians had better WATCH IT!

Jews aren't powerful...Jews live in dread of another Holocaust and are only slightly relieved that Muslims are the ones catching Christian hell this time...but that could change any day, and it is changing, precisely because Jews are being presented as all-powerfull...and also because they are being FORCED to play into Christian stereotypes such as..."see, now you know why Christians were right in keeping Jews down...I mean LOOK at the way they defy the WORLD and International LAWS in their treatment of the Palestinians...maybe we will soon be sorry that we EVER let them out of the ghetto."

That's what Galianos was realy's as if somehow we discovered actual proof that Jews are now killing Christian babies for their LAST Galianos and Bush and so many many Christians could say, "SEE...we TOLD YOU SO"!!! It wasn't was the TRUTH!!

Jews, Israeli especially, are being given the rope, by their Christian masters, to hang themselves...many see it but the Christian media is too much for them....or, maybe they control it???? Maybe they do control everything, and to think, they got this overwhelming control starting in years just after Christians almost killed them WHAT a comeback...sort of makes you wonder.....? I mean, could NORMAL people have done that?


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