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Joy Over The Killing of Deniz
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 19 2007, 23:00:08 (CET)
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...the bloodsuckers are at it again. They've got their "martyr" and they couldn't be happier. This murder is "proof" that they are being persecuted and the Turks are trying to whitewash the atrocities they committed...attrocities which nowhere came near to what Christians did to Jews..or Americans have done to Iraqs...but Deniz was killed by MUSLIMS, they hope. Should they find he was killed by a Christian...all parties will be cancelled.

"But Zeki Yalçın, a research assistant of history at the same Swedish university five or six years ago, said Deniz was a victim of a political murder. Meanwhile, Torbjörn Carlson, a police officer in Örebro, confirmed they received claims that Deniz was victim of a politically motivated murder."

...I have pretty good evidence, so does the world, that Iraqis and their children were victims of "a politically motivated murder"..only it was mass murder...committed by the United Christian States of America.

..when the international court or police move against these thugs...I'll get excited over who killed Deniz. Both are tragedies...but the mass murder of yet another religious group, like the one of 60 years ago where Jews were the "enemies", is far more pressing to solve and bring justice to.

For it is the wanton, wholesale and continuing massacre of innocent Iraqis which is fueling the righteous revenge of Islam against all those who claim a single dead Christian is important..but 700,000 murdered Iraqi babies was nothing to get excited over.


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