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Jumblat Receives an A+ for Effort
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 17 2007, 0:03:32 (CET)
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You have to give him credit for daring to try. Muncho, on the famous other hand, gets sent to the Nurse’s office with a self-inflicted would though it is only skin-deep, as is he. But, sadly, Jumbo must get an F+ for content. There are still things to be learned from his writing, however, and for this we must be grateful. He didn’t intend to reveal what he actually did; I’m afraid these nationalists never do, which could explain the number of hidden enemies they see everywhere “out to get us” when it’s really just themselves carrying their most devout enemy on their own backs and in their own skins everywhere they go, shooting themselves in the foot when they thought it was a crown, albeit of thorns, they were placing on their pointy heads.

It is in this regard that we see how nationalism can make fools of people and gives our own that notorious “stubborn” streak that we pride ourselves in as if it showed resolution in anything positive. This thick-headedness is forced on our nationalists because of the rock-solid nature of their “believes” which are, in reality, built on soft mush and yet must withstand the force of a thousand good arguments and evidence that they are out of their skulls. They simply cannot afford to be open-minded, to examine issues from all sides, to expand their knowledge-base, let alone consult dictionaries to see if they even understand the words they use, or any of the things civilized people are called on to justify an upright posture. On the contrary, their National Movement depends on narrow tribalism, the wearing of blinders, stereotypes, racism and bigotry; to maintain all of which they must shun education as any Hottentot would soap and water, or cannibal a good green salad.

Jumblat’s famous five lines, fed to him by Wm the Dm no doubt, seek to prove what that other fraud, Lucian “the Assyrian” is supposed to demonstrate; that when someone is born “in the land of…” anybody, he or she becomes an ethnic member of any ancient people who occupied that land. Although examples can be supplied by the thousands to show this is not so, the nationalists can’t afford to consider a single one, or refute the general principle, because the entire edifice of their claims to a modern Assyrian identity would dry up and blow away.

Let’s set the example down once again. Greeks, wandering far from their ancestral lands, influenced Asia Minor and the MidEast as far as Byzantium, for 1000 years. Romans, as well, settled lands far from their own. When an ethnic Roman was born “in the land of the Gauls”, for instance, or an ethnic Greek born in the land of the Turks, it did not mean that he or she became one with the ethnic people or cultures of that Roman or Greek province, or, more importantly saw him or herself as such. It was merely an acknowledgment of the geographic location and name of a birthplace….just as a French child born today in Germany during their parent’s vacation is only German by place of birth, not by ethnic derivation. Such an infant does not automatically become an ethnic Saxon because of where it happened to exit an ethnic French womb.

To bring it closer to home; our Christians are notoriously touchy about being called “Arab” Christians…even though, using their own reasoning in the case of Lucian and others, they are indeed “born in the land of the Arabs” as the other was born in the land of the Assyrians so that, you would think by their own logic; they must be of original and lineal Arab ethnicity , derivation and descent at least as far back as Muhammad…but just try to get them to accept that they are Arabs of any sort. And yet, whoever was born, “in the land of the Assyrians” MUST be an ethnic Assyrian, lineally descended from the ethnic ancients of Ashurbanipal who were known to occupy a geographic locale once known to the world as Assyria.

To anyone not afflicted with the disease of Assyrian nationalism, this line of reasoning is hardly profound or difficult to follow. And yet (and here is where this nationalism business makes one appear foolish), to accept or even acknowledge such an obvious and simple example of geography not determining ethnic derivation, though really not beyond their mental powers to grasp, must be avoided at all costs and so they force themselves to appear stupid even when not. Any “movement” which requires the least from its adherents instead of their best can’t possibly hope to thrive. Devout nationalists can’t allow their minds to open the slightest bit to see even such a basic bit of simple logic as this. It’s no wonder they remain blind to so much else.

And so the rest of their claims, cut from the same hopeless and moth-eaten cloth have led them, not surprisingly, from one blunder to another, imparting great mirth to all, misery to many and a deep paranoia to them. Someone, they believe more with each passing fiasco, must be out to get them. That this “someone” is themselves they can be excused from recognizing, as tragic as the outcome will continue to be, for they see so little else that is actually in front of their eyes.

The best example of this was their conviction that Christian nations, even with all evidence to the contrary from our own recent past, would “protect them” and restore their “national rights” to an Assyrian “homeland”. They “saw” this looming ahead in the distance and rejoiced well before there was any reason, let alone hope, that it would come true. That they woke up from this dream to see themselves magically transported, like the hero of any Arabian Night’s tale, to Kurdistan instead…well, they were “betrayed by enemies” and will do better next time.


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