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Kid Bawi vs. Slugger Dinkha
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 22:01:44 (CET)
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This isn’t the first time we’ve turned on each other because of Jesus. They say Christianity saved us, but I’ve never been convinced. And just recently it split us apart yet again. I mean the Bawi vs. Dinkha main event which was called early by a judge’s decision. Each fighter gave the lead to his respective camp. Families divided over it, older parents quarreled with their married offspring whose younger children got caught between…birthday and holiday celebrations, before spent together, split into rival camps…children missed their grandmothers who wouldn’t be caught dead visiting a “traitor’s” home, even if that home contained her own once dear son and grandchildren and neither would grandchildren be sent any longer to the house of an “enemy” which contained a once loving grandparent. Friends broke apart, cousins wouldn’t speak to one another and once again people judged who was a “real Assyrian” based on their adherence to a Jewish knock-off religion. And if, as occurred at the courthouse where these two factions met, there hadn’t been a judge and armed guards present, there would have been blood to pay. As it was the presiding judge was forced to comment that in his thirty some years on the bench, with every sort of depraved criminal and lunatic passing before him, he’d not yet seen people so devoid of all civility as the two sides is this Christian match.

And it was nothing new. The Arabs rode into just such a maelstrom 1,400 years ago. Then too, like the recent judge, they were shocked to find Christians at each other’s throats over Jesus and, also like the judge, it was all they could do to keep the adherents for the Prince of Peace from murdering each other in the halls and streets. Then, as now, family members were forced to take sides…friends turned on friends and fathers against daughters with a speed and ease that was frightening, while new sects and sub-sects formed, each convinced it had the true light and just as certain that all other Christians were damned to hell. And you can watch them doing the same thing to each other this very day…over at and elsewhere.

This didn’t make for unity then, it hasn’t in all these years and it will never will. For, as Ibn Saud rightly said, “in a political war there is room for compromise, in a religious war you have to kill everybody”…or at least distance yourself from everybody, along with your followers, and remain implacably resolved to revile the rest. And, since we’ve never had any “politics” that wasn’t merely religion disguised, there’s never been room for compromise and there never will be hence every effort in that line arrives still-born. For, as the wise man noted; “Politics is the art of compromise”…if you want to achieve anything political. But we use politics simply as another weapon, another club(an apt description of all the ones competing for attention), for bashing each other’s brains out over that same, much abused, Jesus.

The conquering and bewildered Muslims played the part of the judge today; they insisted the peace must be kept, they didn’t bother to intrude themselves into which doctrine was right or wrong, allowed each to believe freely as it wished, simply applying the Law so that peace and harmony could at least be enforced in the community, if not felt, in every Christian church, home and heart. And with that accomplished, they went on to create the world’s most cultured empire of its day…dragging their Christian subjects along with them, complaining all the way about Muslim “persecution” in stopping them from plucking the eyes out of each other’s heads….for dear Jesus.

An elderly Assyrian of my acquaintance remembered a time, before the missionaries spread their poison, when the Christians had helped each other and shared for the common good. He was referring to the Nestorians of Persia who were at least of one faith. After the missionaries got through “saving” them into bunches and groups of varying size, the people who’d once been on an equal footing for centuries, united and helping each other as a good cohesive community should…now refused to even watch each others flocks. The missionaries succeeded, he said with some bitterness, in turning even their sheep into Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Anglicans and Baptists too, so each had to watch over his own sheep sects from then on. It wasn’t the animals who turned on each other, forming hostile sub-flocks, it was the Christians.

The missionaries, however, were pleased, for each had saved a small portion of the big herd, but the wooly-headed sheep have suffered for it ever since.


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