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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 19:57:25 (CET)
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It's your lucky day again... You get "known and undisputed facts" from your master Monkey who does ALL the "research" for you...

Here is how he starts presenting his "known facts" to help make it easy for you to understand:
"This isnít the first time weíve turned on each other because of Jesus."

I mean, don't you just LOVE your master monkey, AssyrianMazloom? Of course, if it wasn't for him and his super "researching" ability to find "facts", you would have never "discovered" that all those problems were because of "jesus", right?...

The Monkey can only recognize a banana...

Greed and Power struggle had nothing to do with it...

Are monkeys colour blind?


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