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Learning from Freydun: Liberating Assyrian Minds & Self-Empowerment (Full)
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, February 25 2017, 1:18:01 (UTC)
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I could only stand so much.

I jumped around and heard the usual complaints and misrepresentations.....Genocide, the concept, has a specific does NOT mean massacre, or even "killing a lot of people" has particular elements which have to be met before "just" a massacre can be called a Genocide.

In the first place, it is not mob action. Ten million Cossacks descending on your town and killing everyone in it is a massacre, not Genocide.

Genocide is what the Nazis did, it is what the Americans did to the native population they found here and it is what they did to the Africans it eventually wiped out in the slave trade....these were all..

1, systematic, meaning they were acts performed in and through a SYSTEM. They weren't random or haphazard.

2, done as a part of government, an official, stated, policy and action.

3. institutions were created, agencies and buildings and train lines and camp buildings etc.

4. it was wide spread and universal...EVERY Jew was hunted down, there was no safe place...even those with a fraction of Jewish (or African) "blood" were included.

None of these pertained to what happened to the Assyrians or Greeks or Armenians...Assyrians found safety in cities...they were only disturbed near the borders and that was for good reason as they had in the past been too friendly with Euros who crossed into Ottoman lands with no permission from the government they were moved inland because they nations those Euros came from were now attacking Turkey...makes perfect sense to me. Many died along the way of cold, disease and different from what the Americans did on the Trail of Tears and so many other official genocidal acts committed against the Indians.

Assyrians died, of course...but so did hundreds of thousands of Turks...and THEY didn't start that war!

Assyrian nationalists want to make it an official Genocide so they can come back and demand reparations...I say to them "Get in line"...there are millions of people who have been wiped out, it isn't news, it isn't's just another tragedy in a long list of such.

What about the targeting of Iraqis? Why isn't that a genocide? Madeline Albright admitted that a government policy was resulting in the deaths of 5000 Iraqi children a week...and she said it was a good POLICY....that is Genocide and until one of these nationalists owns up to that, they are no more than ghoulish opportunists....just like when at the start of this war against Iraq they said it was our "golden OPPORTUNITY"...wrong, yet again.


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