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Learning from Freydun: Liberating Assyrian Minds & Self-Empowerment (Full)
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, February 28 2017, 15:19:17 (UTC)
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Website title: won't ever liberate the Assyrian mind till we stop raving about a "genocide", anywhere. Not until every other nation on earth fesses up to their genocides do the Turks have to was war, there was death and starvation and disease all around...the Turks never set up the machinery for genocide that the Germans or Americans or British did.

Assyrians are obsessed with their recent past, they can't get enough of weeping and wailing and begging...and this is just more of the same.

The Germans, but all Euro Christians, had a 1000 year old history of persecuting and killing Jews...and Muslims. The Turks had no such thing. The Holocaust wasn't an aberration, for was just the natural progression of their age-old hatreds...whereas the crimes attributed to the Turks, even if true, WERE the one ever accused them of such things before, whereas every historian has noted the long bloody history of Christians in this regard.

Therefore, since the things the Turks are accused of were new to them, we have to look at what was happening to them at the time to make them stray so far from their past behavior...that's IF the accusations are true...and they are not.

The Holocaust was the norm for the Christians, albeit mechanized.....the crimes attributed to the Turks were most decidedly NOT the norm for the Turks. So, what made them go there? Perhaps it was the oft stated Euro mantra that Turkey was a "sick old man"....and the war declared on it by the leading Christian powers, for that oil we are still murdering Muslims we know how Christian treat sick old men....they kill and steal from them.

Christians are rightly embarrassed at their bloody record as it flies in the face of their prince of peace nonsense and want desperately to smear Islam with their own crimes.


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