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Lest We Forget...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, February 27 2011, 14:43:26 (UTC)
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it's not known, or sought out, or remembered, just how popular Hitler's program was with Christian capitalists around the world. After all he was going after the two greatest "enemies" of Western Christianity....1. the Jews and 2. The Bolshevik, Godless, Commies and, by implication, Trade Unions (like in Wisconsin today).

We like to think today that we in America were always down on Hitler...but we weren't. The almost-King of England was an ardent fan as were most industrialists and certainly most bankers, not Jewish ones of course...but Christians far and wide thought Hitler was just what the world needed...especially the business world.

And who was it who first pointed out that Nazism was defeated, but not Fascism....Fascism won, in fact. All Fascism means is corporate control of everything...which the industrialized world has been working towards since it first popped up...and really all Fascism does is replace the older form of Aristocracy when they owned everything in sight.

The only difference has been that in what we like to call Democracy, the Fascists have had to pay to convince common folk that our interests and theirs are one and the in "trickle down"...meaning that Corporations are interested in sharing their wealth, of making sure that we workers are well taken care of...when the exact opposite is true, especially when, as now, legitimate, old fashioned ways of making money dry up with the planet and the only means left to vast wealth, which is all they are interested in, is tricking widows and orphans out of their collective pennies and of course, gambling with each other as the old aristocracy used to do at Monte Carlo and other casinos.

Only now, and thanks to "democracy" they can cover their losses by taking even more money from us...which shows you that people do not necessarily know the slightest thing about what is good for them...what is good for them to actually experience,,,,instead we get caught up in what we like to HEAR...whether you like your balls stroked by Bush or Obama...we prefer our balls stroked to what our balls actually experience.

The truth is that neither Bush nor Obama is good for your balls. The problem isn't with your's that we've come to like having them stroked more than how they actually get along.


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