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Let me do the same thing
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, November 28 2010, 12:40:31 (UTC)
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Allow me to torture Bush or Cheney into confessing and I bet I'll have them not only confessing to 9/11 but they'll even say things I never thought of. This is how easy it is to set someone up when torture and other tactics are applied. This poor Somali teenager is the same example. As I have said before the guy looked like he was hi in the picture but who knows what other issues this guy has. I know Somalis who have become homeless and even outcasts to their community because of drugs, etc. So how easy would be to get one these types, get him hi on drugs and then set him up the way the FBI did? In fact, they wouldn't even have to do anything because nobody will ever know anyway. It reminds me of that alleged 9/11 hijacker(Zakaria Mousaui) and how they would keep talking about his trial but the only thing they ever showed of him was a photograph or painted images. How do I know these people really did what they are accused of or if they even real?

We saw how that house slave, Powell, went in front of the U.N with a silly audiotape which was supposed to be Saddam. He made a fool of himself with that silly tape that a 15 year old could make. Those Bin Laden tapes are just as dumb but Americans must believe them. There was a 16 year old who was arrested in San Francisco for making a fake beheading video over the internet. I remember hearing about him and calling him a fool first but later noticed how easy it really is to make those tapes and sure enough he even admitted that it was his intention to show how fake these videos are. This entire war on terror is a hoax and people have been arrested, lost their jobs, etc because they say things like that.

The bottom line, I don't trust my government at all and don't believe much of anything they have to say. It's too suspicious and there is too much dirt no trust them. If they come out 50 years later and admit something, why should I believe anything else they say? Hell just look at how the media deals with people who speak out or even question the government. They had once brought Malik Shabazz(leader of new black panther party) on FOX news and the first question was 'did u say 9/11 was done by jews". The reason for saying this is because the media knows how easily such things can tarnish a person's reputation and even cost one's career. They use very dirty tactics and Americans will continue to monkey their government around in everything they say.


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