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Let's Liberate Iran and save the assyrians there.
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, January 6 2008, 8:01:41 (CET)
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...I seriously doubt if any assyrians of Iran will urge, beg and weep for an attack on Iran. Maybe they learned a lesson from what happened to Iraq....but mostly I think it's because the assyrians of Iran aren't insane..or saddled with nationalists...after all; what possible claim can we make to anything in Iran?

...After realizing that the assyrians who caused the problems in Iraq, after the First World War, were not the ones already living there but rather the refugees Iraq, in a kind and humanitarian effort, took in from Turkey and Persia(who took up arms against their lawful governments and were afraid to return) and tried to accomodate...we can better understand where these nationalists came from...who would urge destroying Iraq in order to "save" it. Or rather; destroy it if it can't be saved....for Jesus.

..the ones who yelled for a corner of Iraq for themselves...who refused to accept the Iraq governments generous settlement plans...who subsequently rioted, killing innocent civillians, working for the British to police and kill the very people who took them in...and then crossed and recrossed the borders at will until they exhausted the patience of the Iraqi people...these assyrians were NOT indigenous or native to Iraq...they never had any love for the land but instead treated it as if it was THEIRS already but was being kept from them...they're the same ones who've been agitating all these years and who look for every opportunity to screw the country in any way they can.

...I can't imagine a single Iranian-assyrian who would be eager for a war against Iran...maybe they love Iran more than we loved Iraq.


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