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Like I said....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 30 2010, 2:47:20 (UTC)
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...assyrian nationalists who make a great show of yearning to fight Arabs, Turks, Qurds and all of Islam too, inreality only fight each other....each sect has a front...some sort of foundation or politial party or action group...and each sect7group is at war with the they have been since before the Arab Conquest forced them apart.....ergo.... Forum

Re: Assyrian Universal Alliance visit to Iraq

Posted By: fair and square
Date: Wednesday, 29 September 2010, at 4:20 p.m.

In Response To: Assyrian Universal Alliance visit to Iraq *LINK* *PIC* (auanewswatch)

You are seriously jokers!!!

Bury your head in shame, AUA.

You should not have VISITED the homeland (by the way, the homeland has a name, and it is called ASSYRIA).

You should have had your main HQ in ASSYRIA, if you really had cared.

You, AUA, have taking everyone as jackass, aren't you?
Well, the real jackass, the real traitors are you for sleeping with the enemies of this nation. You are in bed with Kurds and Iranian regime (be it the Mullahs of IRI, or the previous king). Your GS has been an informer for IRI for many years now (even before becoming a member of the parliament of IRI).

AUA, you are scum.

You must have had your HQ in Iraq.
You must stop interfering in the affairs of Assyrians of Iraq, if you can't dare to go and live in there.
You must start demanding our rights from the Iranian regime; get back the confiscated Assyrian villages; our rights to building new churches (for all 4 Assyrian Churches); demand the return of millions of Assyrians who were forced to leave Iran, living in exile in Georgia, Armenia, and Russia (if they wish to return, they should be giving back their homes, which are confiscated by muslims).

You (AUA scums) start demanding the rights of Assyrians in Iran and leave the Assyrian rights in the globe to the far capable hands of the women and men of this great nation of ours (Assyrians).

Anywhere you put your hands, it turns to a disaster. Take the Genocide monument in Sydney as your latest PR stunt.

...needles to say this idiot doesnīt live in the "homeland" either...back there they havenīt time for this nonsense.

...we actually confront our enemies...thatīs what this site is for...Islam is not our enemy, neither are Muslims, Arabs, Turks or Qurds...our enemies are assyrian nationalists who use the misery of the people of Iraq to further their Christian agenda-behind-the-national-charade.

...anywhere any one of our enemies allows to do battle firectly, we will go, gladly...but not one of them will ever confront us, let alone any Arab.


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