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Little Johnny Has Breakfast...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, February 29 2008, 17:04:59 (CET)
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Website title:'s morning in Kurdistan....Johnny wakes up and has a bowl of he has to decide whether or not to "fight for Assyria". Of course he won't fight at all...but should he TALK for Assyria? Should he go on the air and tell the Kurdish government that it MUST grant him his Assyrian rights?

...what Assyrian rights? No one has a "right" to make demands. He can make them, if he WANTS to...but demands are nowhere enshrined in any laws. A so-called Assyrian in Kurdistan has the promise of equal rights under Kurdish law...but neither Kurdish law nor Iraqi law gave THEM the right to make demands...The Kurds have the privilege, like any other people, to GET what rights they feel are owing to them....but demand?

...if Johnny really wants an Assyria...then after he's eaten his breakfast let him go out and FIGHT for one...I'm sure Maggie and the rest will be "right there to back you up when you start". But, you see, if he was going to FIGHT for one, he wouldn't get on the radio and SAY SO! He'd sneak off to the hills or other hidden places and begin to FIGHT!

...Kurdish laws will give him Kurdish citizenship rights, that's all. Anything more than that will require a fight...not talk. Or else he may just go Snap, Crackle and POP!


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