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Lord Russell on the Crusades
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, September 21 2010, 14:12:21 (UTC)
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...taken from his "History of Western Philosophy" p.427.

"Another important effect was the massacre of large numbers of Jews; those who were not massacred were often despoiled of their property and FORCIBLY BAPTIZED (emphasis mine). There were large-scale murders of Jews in Germany at the time of the first Crusade, and in England at the time of the third Crusade, on the accession of Richard Coeur de Leon. York, where the first Christian Emperor had begun his reign, was the scene of the most appalling mass-atrocities against Jews."

In other words, according to yet another well respected and Christian writer, Christians have been the ones to kill people just for their religion as well as forcibly converting them, on pain of death. Not a single creditable historian or philosopher or any kind of serious author has made these claims against Islam. Plenty of missionaries have...plenty of taxi-driving engineers and accountants...but no one else. Why is that?

Can anyone find us a Christian historian who makes these claims against the Ottomans at ANY time in their history? While Europe is filled with examples of this sort of murderous intolerance towards Jews, Muslims AND Christians, fer chrissakes...where´s the evidence of anything even close to it among Muslims? It is true that Muslims at times retaliated against their Christian subjects, but that was for what they DID and not because of what they were...not because they were Christians but because they had rebelled or broken laws, treatment they would have meted out to their Muslim subjects as well.

Christians, on the other hand, killed Jews JUST because they were Jews, just for their religion....and Christians, not Muslims, converted people on pain of death. In fact Christians killed other Christians also JUST for their religion, for their interpretation of the SAME fucking "Prince of Peace"! The record is clear...there is no ambiguity about gray is stark black and white. Christians are guilty of genocide and a Holocaust, not Muslims.

Christians merely want to slander Islam with their own crimes because they can´t stand the stench of their own record of mass murders, massacres, human rights abuses and, when no word existed which was adequate a whole NEW word had to be invented to describe the depths of degredation they had sunk to...all in the name of their the name of Christ.

And WE are supposed to care that these may not be the best sorts of Christians? Let Christians take care of their own problems and not keep manufacturing these Terrorists they unleash against the rest of us.


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