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Magpie gets Breathless in Turn
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 18 2007, 4:05:02 (CET)
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..all this hyperventilating and huffing to prove Islam is out to get people... Forum

More On Assyrian Researcher Murdered In Sweden *LINK*

Posted By: Maggie Yonan
Date: Monday, 17 December 2007, at 2:06 a.m.

Sunday, 16 December 2007
More On Assyrian Researcher Murdered In Sweden

The Local (hat tip: Gates of Vienna): Colleagues of the 40 year-old sociology lecturer murdered at Örebro University on Tuesday fear for their safety amid suspicions that the motive was political.

Fuat Deniz researched within the field of the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire and other researchers working in the field have been threatened, according to David Gaunt at Södertörn University College. Gaunt has worked with Fuat Deniz and they held several lectures and seminars together.

"On several occasions at our seminars people would attend claiming to be journalists only to then walk around photographing delegates," Gaunt told Svenska Dagbladet.

...Christians have done more than roam Iraq taking photos..they have murderd, raped, tortured and on and on...yet this one unsloved murder is supposed make us turn agains Islam!

It is reported that researchers have been harassed, received death threats and been labeled terrorists. Gaunt reports having been followed by security police on trips to Turkey and describes being subjected to a smear campaign by a Turkish newspaper. is not only "reproted" but well documented that Iraqis have been starved, tortured, stalked, raped and buried Christians...let ONE Christian suffer from what you MIGHT poit to a Muslim for, and you people are all over the place!

"All those interested in Christian minorities in Turkey are considered a threat," said Gaunt.

...All those interested in Islam and living their lives in peace are treated as, not "considered", a threat.

Deniz was internationally renowned for his work with the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire and was scheduled to speak at a conference on religious minorities in the Netherlands today.

...countless Muslims were scheduled to have wedding aniversaries, birthday parties and weddings..they were scheduled to live in peace rasing their families...these schedules were murdered by Christians...not "alleged" to have been murdered, but actually murdered dead.

Fuat Deniz was stabbed to death in a university building in Örebro on Tuesday. His killer remains at large.

...while the world knows who the killers of the Iraqis are..and what bloody religioon they profess...and that these bloody Christians lied to judtify themselves, to themselves, they remain not only at large, but in full possesson of their weapons with which they continue murdering Iraqis...professors too. long as this remains a team sport with my team against your team..we all lose. Before slamming Islam for a SINGLE crime, let any Christian of good will turn his censure at his OWN team's multiple crimes!


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