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Maher again....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, May 26 2014, 0:02:34 (UTC)
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...The guy is really something. Maybe he was so freaked by being fired from his last job that he's vowed never to say the truth again....about Islam.

On this week's show he made mention of how a Muslim sitting on the board of the new 9/11 museum quit after they screened a film about the attack which implied that Islam and all Muslims are guilty. Maher's approach, and that of his guests was..."well"? What ELSE do you call a Muslim, in such a film, but an "Islamist"? A word invented bu the United States to cover anyone who resents being attacked by the United States, and does something about it.

That means that everyone born in a Muslim country, is automatically a Muslim and hence an "Islamist".....but what about atheists in those countries...or people who don't use their religion to defend their country with, or for? They're all guilty JUST because of where they're born...o matter how innocent....seems to be an innocent Muslims you have to convert to Christianity.....same as to be an Assyrian who is other words it is the RELIGION that is guilty...same thing these people held against Jews for centuries. Had a German simply NOT been Jewish, he would have been spared concentration camps and death...this is what they are really saying: the religion is GUILTY! you as innocent as a newborn babe, if you're a Muslim're guilty. Original sin again?

Muslims, we guess, attacked buildings and killed 3000 mostly Christian "innocents"...all of whom supported the sanctions and wars against how "innocent" were they really?

In response, the Christian United States launched a war against Iraq, which had no part in the attacks, killing, not a mere three thousand, but hundreds of thousands, and all of them truly innocent....but that's okay...we don't point the finger at the United States....we point it at anyone who dares defend himself, family and country...THEY are the guilty ones!

It's the "rape defense" on an international scale: we attacked you so YOU mustr have done something to get us to do it.

Did America declare war on Japan because of our religion, or because we were ATTACKED!?

The same Jew-haters have become Muslim-haters and feel as "justified" and sanctimonious as they did when they hated Jews...and killed and roasted and ate them! Same people, same line, same tactics, same lies....only the object of their hatred has changed.


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