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Maher on 9/11
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, November 4 2015, 22:55:07 (UTC)
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...I'm still shaking my brain: Maher said that only the four men flying those planes actually knew what the plan other words those hijackers hijacked their own men!

...and his proof? And remember this is a guy who touts science and evidence and reason and all that good stuff...his "evidence" for this claim is that Muslims shave their bodies before martyring themselves and only the four had shaven bodies...say WHAT!? does he know that? The hijackers, and passengers, were right at the point of impact when the fuel would have exploded and the collision, by itself, sent body parts hurling through space. How likely is it that ANY body parts were found from ANY of the people who first experienced the crash and explosion, never mind the fire for the next hour, and never mind the collapse of everything into a jumble of debris.

..who found the body parts of ANY of the hijackers? And how did they know those parts belonged to them? Does Maher really believe that a body part survived incineration? Or was burned to such a degree, after all we're told the fire melted steel, that you could detect hair on ANY body part...because you'd have to find body parts from the four AND body parts from the others, from ALL of them, before Maher could claim some sort of comparison was made...and how did he know a sixth or tenth hijacker hadn't shaved his body that day?

How COULD he know? But he doesn't have to all his goofy religious guests Maher JUST KNOWS.

You aren't much of a scientist or have any respect or understanding even of science and the scientific method if you can make such a stupid statement...based on nothing more, it turns out, than FAITH.

....go Maher. The thinking man's dummy.


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