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Making a Fair Comparison.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 17:23:43 (UTC)
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....if you really want to compare things you have to make sure they are equal, that you aren't comparing apples to oranges.

If you neglect to factor in the time-line, the birth-time, of Christianity and Judaism, but treat them as if they can be spoken of as equivalent, then you're comparing nuts to soup...not the same.

Would you run a race between a one-year old and a seven-year old? Why not? They each have legs, muscles, what if one is younger than the other...they're both humans, so run the race and abide by the was a Fair Race, after all...they started from the same starting point and the track was the same for

Islam is 700 years YOUNGER than Christianity....that means can't be ignored when assessing them in comparison to each other...their developmental time on earth is vastly different, not to mention all the other differences....only a fool races a baby with a child and expects a fair outcome.

If you go back 700 years in Christian development you land right smack in the 14th the Inquisition, in religious wars, in witch-burnings, child-brides, sexual exploitation, veils and scarves, voodoo and mumbo jumbo, weird rituals like circumcision, hangings of six-year olds, torture, people suspended from cages for decades...disembowellings and enough head-chopping to make a Muslim blush.

Christianity had barely come out of the Dark Ages, a time when science and learning and books were burned and frowned upon and forbidden, when disease and plague ran rampant because of ignorance and filth....if you want to be fair compare Christianity then and Islam NOW...because each will have had equal time to test, learn and grow.

Christianity only improved, only lost its mindless grip on the human mind because its grip was BROKEN....because people had enough and fought back, because of the Reformation and the Renaissance...something Islam has yet to experience...and which is harder in this day and age when Christianity has been meddling for so long in Muslim nations, keeping them backwards and ignorant and ruled over by despots because that's better for Christian nations...even with the Muslim backlash, still...trillions were made and that's all Christians really live for anyway, even though they slander the Jews with that accusation.


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