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Mark Twain said.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, November 25 2016, 18:33:58 (UTC)
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...that the United States disgraced itself when it turned on the Filipino people who had rebelled against Spain...posing at first as friends to liberty and all the usual rot we love to spout, we than proceeded to do exactly as is said....we even betrayed their brave leader so we could control the country. Twain marked the beginning of the transformation of the US into a world class brute from that day.

Marcello wrote:
>When the recently inaugurated Filipino president, Rodrigo Duterte was excoriated by the EU and the US for Human Rights violations since his drug war has cost up to three-thousand lives, and counting... he called Obama a "putang ina mo" (son-of-whore), and then provided an old Black & White photograph of Moro (Muslim) Filipino civilians: men, women, children, the elderly, who were massacred by U.S. soldiers around the turn of the 20th century... asserting that the U.S. has not yet even offered an apology for the mass murder of up to a half-million Filipinos as a result of the 1898 "Spanish-American War". He strongly and calmly said, "we are not your little 'brown brothers'"... "we are no more a colony", and so on. And... he even went further the other day and offered to host as many Syrian refugees as his nation can possibly accommodate.
>Watch this: Duterte offers refugees a home in the Philippines


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