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Mel Gibson's Jesus Mess....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 12 2011, 15:28:53 (UTC)
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...I've never seen the film but Hitchens has and in his discusion about the many awful aspects to this film I was pleased to hear him mention Gibson's depiction of the Romans as being the helpless victims of the Jews a fraud.

Exactly the same as America's claim that they are helpless in the face of the dreaded, all-powerful, all-seeing "Jewish Lobby".

This is pure was when applied to Rome's being unwilling and reluctant to kill Jesus, but helpless in the face of that ancient Jewish Lobby, who were the "REAL culprits"...and it's the same slander today when our news outlets constantly tell us about the powerful Jews and how they force a foreign policy onto a reluctant and unwilling American Empire.

This is meant to increase hatred for it was meant to do so for the 2000 years Christians have been spreading that ancient slander, up to today,in it's new and modernized version, which Jew-hating Christians, like Mel and his pappy, are still eager to believe and spread.


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