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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 19 2007, 17:05:26 (CET)
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He explained that “Violence against members of Iraq’s Christian community is of particular concern in Baghdad and the northern Kurdish regions. Reported abuses include the assassination of Christian religious leaders, the bombing and destruction of churches, and violent threats intended to force Christians from their homes. In some areas, ordinary Christians have reportedly stopped participating in public religious services for fear of inviting further violence.”

...will you listen to Americans decrying savavge treatment of Christians in Iraq...while they murder anybody they want to? Have there been no abuses of Iraqis? Has the United States not bombed the entire country including mosques and sewage plants and hospitals and everything else? Have Muslims not ben forced from their homes and kifnapped and tortured by the armies of the Christians West? yet all we see is are the "crimes" done to the Chrisdtians minority of Iraq. long as this this thing is a team will got on like this...and so long as Christians only see the crimes doen against them, as burglears breaking into someone's home who complain about rough treatment at the hands of the homeowner, so long will they not have a shred of moral decency to their name.


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