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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, July 1 2011, 16:30:42 (UTC)
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July first

Nationalism is a commitment to ideas among a group of people who share a common ethnicity, culture, language, history and territory. Using symbols and ceremonies to espouse such ideas, nationalist movements help bring people together to express the solidarity of a nation. For any group of people, the hope of survival is attached closely to a geographical territory. have that is called Iraq. There are plenty of Americans in jail for betraying their country....there are Assyrians in jail for betraying Iraq. You people are not unified and never will be. If anything you go further and further apart with each segment asking the others to join THEM.

Because of forced mass migration of Assyrians within the last century,

...forced by whom? Maybe YOU ran out years ago but many more stayed and would be there still if western Christian nations had not brought this illegal war to Iraq. You are using this war as a "golden opportunity" to smear Islam once if it is the fault of Muslims that the United States and its coalition of thug-nations have brought this war to Iraq...and while you praise the United States for "taking action" against Muslim "terrorists", Iraqis get condemned by you for taking action against Christians with their state-sponsored and far more effective weapons of mass terrorism. Christians are praised for retaliating, even when no Iraqis attacked America, but Iraqis are painted as criminals for defending against their attackers. This blind hatred of yours and the propaganda it produces is only one of the many good reasons Muslims have for despising you.

the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) has recognized the need to strengthen our nation's connection to our ancestral homeland of Assyria. is not Assyria....France is no longer Gaul...our homeland is Iraq.

At its 25th World Congress in Sweden, the AUA passed a resolution to recognize the First of Tammuz as Assyria Day in order to remind our scattered people that we as Assyrians cannot and should not forget the historic glory of our nation and must believe that one day Assyrians will again live in our ancestral homeland of Assyria in peace and harmony with our neighbors.

...when you learn loyalty to Iraq, you may live there in peace....if the Christian West allows it.

The historic Assyria is located in northern Iraq, stretching east to Lake Urmia in Iran, north to the Turkish Harran, Edessa, Diyarbakir, Lake Van and the mountains of Hakkâri, and west to Syria. Archeological sites confirm our claims to these regions., are not "they" are not the ancients. It doesn't matter what you call one takes you seriously. You can stick a feather in your head and say you are an Apache...your fellow workers will be amused and might even take you seriously...but when you demand your Casino winnings as a member of the tribe, you will have to give PROOF...your feather won't do. You have absolutely no evidence that you are in any way related to the ancients...certainly in no way which confirms any special rights.....besides which the accepted definition of "indigenous" is residence for 400 consecutive years in one location, which makes everyone in Iraq doubt you are prepared to recognize the rights of the indigenous Native Americans in Chicago and will give back their ancestral homelands to them. Yes?

...and it's funny that you come to America, a nation built on the ruined lives and stolen homes of its own indigenous people to make these claims to THEM.

Until the beginning of WWI, the Assyrian population remained settled in these historic lands but because of targeted persecution and systematic massacres, Assyrians were forced to move to new areas.

....No...because of western missionary meddling, backed by political dealing and desire for petroleum not to mention that First World War, brought on by Christians fighting Christians, that Assyrians decided to was not ethnic cleansing or genocide but European greed for Muslim lands and resources...a war in which Assyrians took the side and fought for those attacking their's called Treason, in time of war...Sedition in peacetime.

Within the last half century, mass migration of Assyrians to western countries has created a humanitarian crisis that no world government has yet aimed to resolve.

...the reason for that mass migration is NOT anything Muslims have came about because the Christian West began an illegal war which has lasted 17 years....certainly in that time there has been vigilante action against local Christians, but that should surprise no one...everyone now admits that Christians had it much better under Saddam than they have since or will in the future, at least for decades to come...their lives were not ruined by Islam but by Western Christianity...they had endured whatever you think was terrible under their Muslim rulers and neighbors for 1400 years...they only mass-migrated when Bush came.

Today Assyria is occupied by people who do not share political or historical rights to the land.

..of course they do. This is exactly the sentiment, when spoken aloud and acted upon, which has gotten foolish or ignnorant "nationalists" in trouble in Iraq...what you just said is SEDITION and is illegal in every country on earth...during war time it is Treason. By accepted international law those who take land and can hold it become least until the United Nations said that was no longer to be the case...but Iraq, and America, were conquered long a time when every modern nation on earth was seized, conquered and settled by somebody.

The government of Iraq has failed to recognize the constitutional right of indigenous Assyrians to establish a province for them on their ancestral lands in the northern territories of the country. have no such one does. Native Americans, whose claims are far more recent than yours and who have signed documents were unable to get anything "special". You have no such "constitutional" rights anywhere.

To date Iraq's government and those of neighboring states have failed to recognize the potential for peace and harmony the establishment of an Assyrian province could provide.

...they haven't "failed" because they never tried...and never will. You people can't have picnics among yourselves without fighting....putting a Christian enclave in the midst of madder-than-hell Muslims is your idea of bringing peace?

Precious Assyrian archeological pieces are being stolen from the Baghdad museum with minimal deterrence by state police in an attempt to eradicate the centuries of historic claims Assyrians of Iraq hold to their ancestral lands.

...this too was brought on by this illegal war...until than Iraqis were taking excellent care of their artifacts and are always blaming the wrong people.

Today we as children of Assyria have a responsibility to remember the beautiful homeland of our forefathers, the ultimate destination for our scattered nation. you "children" need to grow up and stop playing make-believe. You are not descended from the ancient Assyrians any more than is any other have no special claims or rights and no basis from which to make such ridiculous claims....just because you think you do doesn't mean anyone else has to....and it isn't "proof" when you believe what you WANT to believe and, worse, expect others to credit those beliefs just because you BELIEVE them.

...your beliefs do not become facts. This isn't religion, after all......or, is it?


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