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Michael Vick
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 20:44:15 (CET)
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...he was sentenced to 23 months in prison..has lost his millions in salary and even more in endorsements..and for what? For raising dogs to fight, for betting on the fights and for hanging a few...and for this he gets two years in prison?

Wullah, Iraqis should have been dogs.

The dogs he allegedly mistreated lived lives no different from thousands of back-yard mutts kept tied to chains and used as guardogs..often living in their own shit...eating when they can. Hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats, puppies and kitten are killed by our government every year..the total number must be in the tens of millions...and they aren't killed in any much better way than hanging...

Was his crime so damn shocking that he desrves that much time in prison? Wouldn't probation and a fine, which he paid already, have been more than enough? Is it likely he ever would have done such a thing again?

It can only be because he's a successful Black man, one Bush can't use, that he got such a long even longer than the prosecution had asked for...clearly white people resent Blacks who succeed...especially such damn good looking and talented ones who make millions to boot.

Vick should have hanged Iraqi babies...he would have been a hero.


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