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"Muslim-Christian Relations..." by John Joseph
Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Saturday, March 5 2011, 4:25:00 (UTC)
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The full title is: "Muslim-Christian Relations and Inter-Christian Rivalries in the Middle East: The case of the Jacobites in an age of transition"

by: John Joseph (this was written before he became Dr. John Joseph)

A very insightful book, clearly Dr. Joseph did his research. I'm struck by the relative length of the book vs. the "Notes" (references) section.

The book is 146 pages long. The notes section is 58 pages long. That means almost 1/2 of the book, comparatively speaking, is devoted to describing the valid sources from which the author is making his points. It's a wonder that our nationalist, tribalist, asshole heroes and self-proclaimed hysterians (historians?) dare to insult a true scholar like Dr. Joseph.


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