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My thoughts on Libya and their leader
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 22 2011, 8:47:46 (UTC)
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I know that Qadafi has always been hated by the US and I usually always side with those my government hates or says are "bad" since it's usually the opposite. Qadafi is usually seen as a dictator since he came to power and has been there for so long. I guess he could qualify as one but the US doesn't mind dictators as long as they are puppets or serve the interests of theirs. Musharaf was a dictator and he was considered an "ally" even though he took office through assassination and jailed his opponents. America was borrowing money from banks to finance him and keep him in power just as they did with Mubarak of Egypt. To say that America hates dictators is foolish and totally contrary. The US has dictatorship at home anyway but they play it off in a smoother way by changing the face of the president every few years but things remain the same.

The only time dictators become that is when the US says so and I will not go along with that. I love Qadafi and always have since I first knew of him. I have followed much about him and researched as much I could about him. I have heard all the stories that he kills and jails his own people but it is no different from Saddam Hussein or anyone else punishing those who commit crimes against the govt. I hope Americans don't mean to tell their govt doesn't do the same or wouldn't if there was a real assassination attempt on the president.

We always hear bad things about Qadafi and it got worse in the 1980s when Reagan was in office. They attacked Libya and murdered Qadafi's daughter in the process. We hear that he is a terrorist and all that but we don't hear the other things such as the billions he spends on Africa and Libya. He is known to have and continues to help people all over. I have heard him even speak of the Kurds and how they have been ignored for so long. He has referred to the Saudis and the rest in that region as "pigs of the desert" and I agree with him again. He has been investing in trying to get cures for HIV yet we don't see the US or its allies doing that. Whenever my media says someone is so and so, I take the opposite side because they are dishonest and bigoted. These are the last people I would listen to.

The recent fighting in Libya is directly linked to the US and they are funding the rebels to overthrow Qadafi. They are behind it in every way just as they have been behind the Sudan rebels but they easily ignore rebels or freedom fighters elsewhere. We don't hear any mention of Congo, Rawanda, etc but we hear of Sudan a lot and that's because there are benefits there plus it's a Muslim majority country with a leader who already said he doesn't recognize "White-man court". We support dictators in one place but ignore them elsewhere and we are the ones who empower dictators in most cases while we kill or take out those we don't like. Qadafi is an African champion and always will be. The entire continent loves him and so do people elsewhere. He has been a threat to the US and all White people because he is a supporter of unity in Africa. This is something the Whites don't want and they hate to see that beautiful continent be successful.

Africa is full of resources and wealth and the US has puppets all over that continents and around the world. I hope Qadafi stays healthy and rules for many more years and I wish him the best. I like to see my nation collapse and never Libya because I have much love for the Colonel who is not afraid to speak his mind and tell the truth. This argument that he has killed many of his own people is to hypocritical for me to take serious. I will not even write a lot about it or waste my time but will keep it short. America has murdered millions of Muslims so I know they don't cry for the few that Qadafi has supposedly jailed or executed nor the Shias Saddam had executed. US kills its own people and have perverted many Americans and specifically the Black communities. Qadafi gave 1 billion dollars for Black people in America to take care of themselves but the transaction was stopped and frozen by the US.

Qadafi really has a heart and is a real human while Bush, and the rest are beneath that. They are not humans but of a different type. These people are cold and have no mercy but Arabs do and so do people of color. It may sound like this post was about my love for Qadafi and it is in someway but I love him just as much as love Castro(Wish him health for eternity), Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Che etc. Anyone the US hates or tries to kill is my friend and anyone who opposes this tyrant is also my friend. I would never side with Amerikkka over the people who care for humanity. I look at Castro, who has no god, yet is better than Christians, Muslims and all religious fucks. The man wears simple clothing and doesn't worship money like the religions son's of bitches do. Look at American dollar and how it says "in god we trust" that shows us right there that money is there god, and that goes for all religious people in this country and all capitalists.

religion and capitalism are the same way and love one another. The pastor, imam, rabbi, etc all love money while tell others that it's evil. I am the opposite of that. I don't care much for wealth or be a millionaire at all. I rather live and enjoy my life. I love women(Black women in particular) the way Bush and the religious people love money. Lastly, the US helped the Afghans against the Russians because one of the reasons was they were afraid they would become communists but here is the truth. Muslims are money lovers also and capitalistic. They worship money just as much, or at least most of them do; so they would have never become communist anyway. But the US was helping for many other reasons also.


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